Selected Publications and Appearances

“Scene”, Luxe Magazine,
Volume III, Issue I

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“Style Makers”, Luxe Magazine,
Volume II, Issue II

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“Art of a Garden”, Art & Culture Magazine,
Spring/Summer 2008, pgs. 52-53

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“Art on the Side”, Landscape Architecture Magazine,
November, 2008, pgs. 20-21

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“A Place In The Sun”, Outdoor Living Magazine,
Volume 3, 2008, pgs. 38-45

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Southern Accents Magasine,
January-February 2008

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“Color Takes Shape” , Florida Design Magazine,
Volume 16 no. 4, Dec. 2006 , pgs. 284-97

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The Robb Report – Luxury Homes Edition, Winter 2006
[Cover]”Inner Sanctum”

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Blakely, Jeffrey “The Garden Room” This Old House Online

Irving, Bruce “Good Karma in West Palm Beach” This Old House Online

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[Cover]”A Timeless Beauty in Palm Beach”, Florida Design,
Vol. 2 No 4, Pgs.54-60.

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“A Model of Modernism, Order, Form, Balance” Veranda
May-June 1999 
pgs 218-227.

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[Cover] Anderson, Julie, ” A Many Splendored Thing”, Florida Landscape Architecture, Volume 10 No. 3, 1989.

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Landscape Architecture Volume 88, no.10 October 1998, pg 33.

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Davis Christine “All in the Details”,
The Palm Beach Daily News, Jan. 5, 2007

Davis, Christine ” A Jewel Box Residence on Palm Beach’s Seaspray Avenue, The Palm Beach Daily News, August 21, 2003

Kolle, Jefferson “Putting Down Roots” This Old House Magazine, June 2001, pgs. 93-106

Foosel, Peter J. “Climbing Up Roses” This Old House Magazine, May 2001, pgs 138-140

“Welcome To This Old House” The Palm Beach Post Section I, Sunday, March 18, 2001, pgs 41-51

Gardens By The Sea. Creating A Tropical Paradise. The Garden Club of Palm Beach, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Fl. 1999 Page 98-99 (photo of work)

Donelly, Shannon “Palm Beachers Harvest A Crop of Accolades” The Palm Beach Daily News. May 4, 1999 (cover story)

Janjigian, Robert “New Directions in Modern Living” The Palm Beach Daily News Feb. 27,1999 pg.8

Waresh, Julie “Nurseries Bloom Bigger Returns” The Palm Beach Post January 22, 1999 (photo and interview)

“Art Show by Jeff Blakely,ASLA “Landscape Architect and Specifier News, January 1998, pgs 40-41.

Mott, Mary ” Special Report, Award Winners” Florida Landscape Architecture, Winter 1998, pgs 28-31.

Landscape and Nursery Digest, Vol 31 No 11, November, 1997

Florida Landscape Architecture, Summer, 1997, pg. 30.

Gelomine, Michele ” Temple Garden Wins Landscape Awards” Palm Beach Daily News, (cover story), Volume C, No. 258, August 13, 1997

“Concha Marina”, (Cover Story), Florida Design Magazine, Vol.6 No 4 1997 pgs .198-210.

“Distinctive Charm In Palm Beach”, Florida Design Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 4 1997 Pg. 136-147.

” Moon Over Concha Marina”, Ivana Trump’s Palm Beach Retreat, Veranda, Winter 1996, pg.166.

“Treasures”, Florida Design Magazine, Volume 5 Number 1.

Fitzgerald, Carol. “Sophisticated Fun In the Florida Keys”, Florida Design, Volume 4, pgs. 98-105.

“An Artful Lakeside Residence”, Florida Architecture, 56th Annual Edition, by Al Alschuler, pgs, 60 -67.

Cover. “Gracious Geometry”, Florida Architect, Summer 1996.

Cover. Landscape Design, Volume 7, No. 6 June 1994.

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Cover. American Nurseryman, Volume 170, No. 4 August 15, 1989.

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Photo published, Xeriscaping feature story. “Water Conservation Through Creative Landscaping” Southern Landscape Architecture, April, 1988.

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